Break ground this year and start a garden: here’s how to get started

In the dead of winter, the last thing that you’re probably thinking about is a garden filled with spry, green sprouts. Yet, starting a new garden plot should be at the top of your New Year’s resolution list this year. Whether you live on numerous acres or have a small garden plot in your backyard, here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Plan out your Plot

Gardening does require a bit of planning if you don’t want your cucumbers fraternizing with the string beans by the end of the growing season. Before spring hits, take the time to sit down and make a wish list of the vegetables you want to grow in your plot. Determine how your top line-item vegetables will interact with each other. Cucumbers tend to grow expansively, so it would be best to not situate them nearby delicate plants that require a lot of room to grow.

Planning out your crop will also help you determine what tools and equipment you will need to maintain it. For instance, string beans are easier to harvest when grown on a trellis, make sure that they are placed in an area that is also protected from the wind. After you’ve decided on what vegetables will fit inside your plot you can swing by your local fleet supply store and order seeds.

Step 2: Start your Seeds Inside

Due to volatile weather, it might be best to start your seeds inside under grow lights. This will increase the likelihood that your plants will blossom in the spring and early summer. Starting seeds indoors is relatively easy and does not require lots of equipment. Seeds can be started in milk cartons, yogurt cups or paper cups. Otherwise, fleet supply stores do have seedling cups available.

In addition, gardeners will want to purchase potting soil. Potting soil is essential because it is disease-free and sterile. Fertilizer should also be added to the soil to help the seeds grow because there will be few, if any, nutrients in the potted soil.  Again, fertilizer can easily be bought for your garden at your fleet supply store.

Once the seeds are planted in their small containers, there will need to sit near a source of light to encourage them to grow. Grow lights are a great option because you no longer need to rely on the weather. You can simply turn on the lights and guarantee that your seeds will be getting the recommended amount of light that they need to thrive.

Depending on the seed and how long you grow them inside, you might need to translate the plants into larger containers.

Step 3: Prep your soil

Once spring has hit and the weather consistently stays nice, it’s time to transplant your seeds into your garden plot. Before putting the seeds into the ground, it’s pertinent to make sure the soil within the plot is healthy and will help your plants thrive. Adding fertilizer or other sources of organic matter to improve your soil quality will lead to a better harvest. Each gardener has their own technique, but at a minimum it’s necessary to till and make sure the top soil of your garden is healthy.

Step 4: Establish a Care Schedule

Once your plants are in the ground, it’s time to nurture and care for them. Some plants require water daily, while others thrive off dry soil and lots of heat. Keep tabs on each plant and water them as needed. In addition, it’s necessary to weed your garden to prevent weeds from overtaking your crop. If a weed or pest infestation takes over your garden, head to your local fleet supply store to find a way to ward them off.

Gardening Causes a Healthy Domino Effect

Have you ever wanted to lose five pounds before the end of year? You’ve probably never considered gardening as a way to lose those pesky, extra pounds. Gardening is a healthy habit because, firstly, it gets people outside. While outside, homeowners are spending time moving about and inspecting their growing wares. Furthermore, food grown in your garden is always a better option than processed foods that clutter grocery store shelves. By eating clean meals, individuals naturally begin to shed the pounds.

Feel better this year by adding a garden to your home. Rest assured, gardening is possible, even for those with a black thumb. Visit Mimbach Fleet before spring to gather all your garden essentials.


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