Your Spring Lawn Care Checklist

bird's eye view of man working on his backyard lawn

It’s spring in Minnesota, and we can’t say for certain whether that means we’re no longer at risk for another snowstorm. However, it’s a good time to, at the very least, start planning the tasks you’ll need to tackle for your spring lawn maintenance. We’ve got the checklist of everything you need to do to get your yard good to grow.


You can’t start your lawn maintenance on a messy yard. Pick up the fallen branches and twigs, as well as any trash that was hiding under the snow. Rake up dead grass and leaves that escaped during your fall clean up—use a plastic leaf rake and be gentle to avoid damaging the plant.

Weed Prevention

Applying pre-emergent in early spring will help weeds and crabgrass from taking root, allowing your grass to absorb more of the nutrients from the spring rains and sunshine. If you plan to fertilize in addition to controlling your weeds, make sure the check the contents of your pre-emergent brand. Some pre-emergent formulas also contain fertilizer, and you don’t want to over-fertilize your lawn. However, If you aren’t fertilizing separately, a weed’n’feed fertilizer will save you time and steps in the long run.


Also called coring, aeration involves removing plugs of grass, thatch, and dirt from your lawn to break up compacted soil, allowing nutrients to better reach the roots. It’s best done before dethatching, as aeration actually assists in thatch breakdown.

Core aeration can be done DIY-style by renting an aerator from our rental department. Especially compacted lawns may need two passes with the aerator. Make sure to leave the removed plugs on your lawn—your lawn will break them down, adding more nutrients back into the soil.


Thatch is the layer of plant matter, made up of dead and living grass, that builds up around the base of your lawn. A small layer of thatch is actually extremely helpful in protecting the plant from sudden temperature changes and improving water retention. However, too thick, and it can prevent nutrients and water from reaching the grass roots, as well as harbor pests and encourage mold.

The thickness of your thatch can be checked by removing a wedge of turf to examine the cross section: ¾ of an inch or thicker, and it’s time for a dethatching. Like aeration, dethatching can be done by yourself, though you’ll need to buy or rent a dethatching rake or a dethatching attachment that can hook to or be pulled by your lawn mower.


Fertilization should only be done when your lawn is in its growing season and after any necessary dethatching and aeration. This differs depending on your location, as well as the variety of grass you have. Cool-season grasses, common in Minnesota, can benefit from a light application of fertilizer in the spring, but don’t overdo it; too much fertilizer can make it difficult for your lawn to maintain growth and stay healthy throughout the hottest months of summer.

When it comes to lawn care, there’s no place better to turn than to Mimbach Fleet. Whether you need fertilizer or pre-emergent, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our store. Not sure what you need? Stop in today or contact us for assistance and advice on how to get your lawn looking its best this spring.


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