Essential Bowhunting Supplies

Bowhunter drawing back his bow in front of a sunset.

Bowhunting season is almost here, and we know you’re anxious to get out in your stand. Before you do, however, make sure you’ve got all the essential bowhunting supplies to make this season a success. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or this is your first year participating in the sport, Mimbach Fleet has everything you need to bring home the big bucks.

Hunting Certifications

Before getting your bowhunting supplies, make sure you’ve got the proper certifications. Hunter education certification is required in all states. Bowhunter education certification is only necessary in a few, not including Minnesota, but if you’re planning an out-of-state hunting trip, it’s important to check regional differences in certification requirements.

Bow and Arrows

Most obviously, a bow and arrows are essential gear for bowhunting. It’s best to buy your bow and arrows at the same time—or, at the very least, bring your bow along when you shop—so you can ensure they work well together. When choosing a bow, pay attention to the comfort of the grip, the feeling of the draw cycle, and the hand shock.


A release, or release aid, helps you fire your bow more accurately. Instead of using your fingers to draw back the bowstring, a release is used to draw, hold and, well, release the bowstring, decreasing torque. There are many different types of releases—hinge style, index finger, handheld thumb—so do your research to determine which works best for you.


Bowhunting sights are used to help you improve your aim. The pins housed in the sight correspond to different distances, allowing hunters to line up their target and shoot at an accurate distance. Like release aids, there’s plenty of variety in styles of sights. Explore the one that fits your needs or ask a store associate for advice.


An arrow rest holds the shaft of the arrow in place until it’s released. Bristle rests tend to work best for short-range hunters, though if you’re more experienced with bowhunting and shoot from longer rangers, you may consider a drop-away rest.

In addition to these bowhunting essentials, you’ll also need the standard gear any good hunting trip calls for:

  • Camouflage hunting clothes
  • Binoculars
  • Tree stand
  • Knife
  • Backpack
  • First aid kit

Find all your bowhunting supplies and more at Mimbach Fleet in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Purchase hunting licenses or scent killers, and replenish your hunting wardrobe with clothing brands you love, including Carhartt, CAT, Dickies, and Wolverine. Stop in today, or talk to one of our helpful staff members to learn more.


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