Steps to winterizing your farm equipment

After a busy harvest season, farmers need to switch into maintenance and upkeep mode. The winter season is when farmers can make repairs on their equipment because it isn’t needed in the field. If farmers take just a little time to winterize their farming equipment and machinery, it’s guaranteed to run better and last longer. Here are some easy and essential tips on keeping your farming equipment in tip-top shape all year round.

Make Repairs

After harvest, tractors and combines are often loaded into the machinery shed and sit abandoned for the next several months. They’re only pulled out of storage for random repair projects and upkeep around the farm. If you choose to store your equipment for the winter, there are a few things you should do before it sits idle such as making the necessary repairs. This means lubricating necessary joints and gears on machinery and performing a once-over exam on all your equipment. A good rule of thumb is to grease unpainted metal parts.

Clean Equipment

When machinery goes into storage, that’s the ideal time to clean it. Instead of letting filth sit on it for months, take the time to hose off your equipment. At Mimbach Fleet we have heavy-duty pressure washers that can help eliminate all the gunk that’s collected on your machinery over the past several months.

Check Fluids

As winter swoops in, it’s time to make sure your machinery has the right level of fluids. This means checking the oil and other fluids before storing the machine for the season. If you plan on using the equipment throughout the winter months, it’s time to switch over to winter diesel to make sure that your engines run smoother and longer during the cold winter months.

Unplug or Charge Batteries

Finally, make sure that your equipment is able to start up this winter by checking the battery life on all your machinery. This may require you to charge certain batteries or purchase new ones for your equipment depending on how old it is. If your batteries will be sitting ideal all winter long, you can unplug the battery in your equipment to help it last longer.

As always, Mimbach Fleet is here year-round to help your farm be at its best performance. Whether you need maintenance supplies or tools to help you fix your equipment this winter, Mimbach Fleet has all your needs in store this winter.


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