Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home

Choosing between shades of blue Valspar paint on a paint sample card.

Choosing paint colors is one of the most exciting parts of home renovations, but it can also be one of the most stressful. From moving furniture to taping off windows and doors, home painting is a lot of work—especially if you’re going the DIY route. To avoid having to redo all your hard work months later, you want to ensure the paint colors you’re choosing for each room are exactly what you want.

We’ve put together some tips to guide you through the process of choosing paint colors for your home renovation. While we can’t make the final decision for you, these tips should be applicable to almost every room in your home and may even help you with choosing colors for trim, cabinets, and so on.

Choose Your Décor First

It’s much easier to match paint to the shades in your furniture than it is to find furniture that matches your choice of paint. Yes, this may mean a bit of extra shuffling when it comes to moving furniture, but you should have most of the furniture and décor planned out before you even look at paint samples. Having an established color scheme will make it simpler to know what shades of paint to consider in your home painting project.

Develop a Home Color Scheme

Not every room in your home needs to be the same shade, but you should still consider the flow of color from room to room. Choose a limited color palette and repeat those colors in different ways throughout each room. While the style may differ in each room, the repeating color scheme will tie them together and create a cohesive feel throughout the house.

Consider Paint Sheens

The paint sheen, or finish, helps determine its durability and ease of cleaning:

A high gloss finish will be extremely durable and very easy to clean. However, it will also accentuate any flaws, bumps, or dents on your walls. It can be good for areas that are frequently touched, like trim, baseboards, cabinets, and doors.

Paints with a semi-gloss finish are still easy to clean, though they have less of a glass-like finish. Like a gloss finish, semi-gloss is great for areas with high traffic, as well as places that experience a lot of moisture, like bathroom cabinets.

An eggshell finish has little shine and mild durability, making it a good choice for medium traffic areas, like dining and living rooms.

A matte finish has the lowest durability on this list. It can be difficult to clean without taking some of the paint with it, but it can be helpful in hiding minor imperfections in the walls. Go with a matte finish paint for bedrooms and interior walls.

Choose a Trustworthy Paint Brand

The brand and quality of the paint you choose is just as important as the colors. Low quality paint means dealing with the risk of chipping and flaking, as well as poor coverage and durability. In addition, higher quality paints are designed to prevent the formation of mold, mildew, and stains.

At Mimbach Fleet Supply, we only carry brands of paint we trust, including Benjamin Moore, Valspar, and Ace Royal Paint. These premium brands provide excellent coverage and durability, all while helping you create the dream color scheme for your home. To save time, you can always shop Ace Hardware’s paint supply online! Start here.

Struggling to choose a color for your home painting project? Stop in to Mimbach Fleet, conveniently located in Sauk Rapids, and our friendly team will be glad to provide an expert opinion.


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