Top 10 Must-Haves for Lawn & Garden Power Tools

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Top 10 Must-Haves for Lawn & Garden Power Tools

Strap on your safety gear and get your yard and garden in tip-top shape with power tools that will make your life easier. (Trust me, your back will thank you!)  There are so many power tool options available to help you in your yard and garden, but this list is what we consider to be must-haves. 

Many of the power tools available today have gas, electric, or battery-powered options.  There are pros and cons to each such as cost, ease of use, and maneuverability.  Be sure to look at your options and make the best decision based on your needs. 

Do you already have some power tools? Power tools continue to get more ergonomic, lighter, and energy efficient.  Consider updating older power tools for models that will work faster, easier, and often times saving you operating dollars as well.  

Here are your top ten must-have power tools:

1. Power String Trimmer

There is nothing better than a freshly mowed lawn, but without image beforethe ease of a power string trimmer, the grass around your home, gardens, and other edges will either grow or take an incredibly long time to trim by hand.  String trimmers make quick work of cleaning up all the edges of your lawn giving you a polished and clean look.  String trimmers come with a variety of options, weights, weight distributions, and curved or straight shafts.  

Pro-Tip – The curved shaft variety of trimmers is best for reducing strain on your back.  A straight shaft however makes trimming under items, such as low bushes or lawn ornaments easier. 

2. Power Edger

For that crisp manicured lawn look no further than your power edger.  The power edger cleans up the edges of the lawn next to walkways, driveways, patios, and more. This handy and inexpensive tool makes you look like a lawn pro. 

Pro-Tip – Be sure to avoid shallow electrical or water lines when using your edger. 

3. Power Aerator

One of the nicest gifts you can give your lawn is aeration.  Power aerators operate similar to your average push mower, and as you move across the lawn the tines puncture holes in your lawn bed. Ultimately this aeration stops soil compaction which then allows your grass roots to grow deeper, allows the fertilizer to absorb faster, and creates better drainage of water.  

Pro-Tip – Have a large lawn and a ride-on/tractor mower with a hitch? Consider a pull-behind aerator to get the job done faster. 

4. Mower

We know that a power mower is almost too obvious to put on the list, but with today’s technologies and efficiencies, it may be time to update your lawn mower.  Some newer features include electric, battery operated, more ergonomic, energy efficient, push start, and more.  Maybe you are ready for a whole new experience in a mower such as cylinder mowers, hover mowers, and self-propelled mowers.  Or maybe you’d like a mower that mulches and bags.  No matter your yard size or need, there is a mower made just for you. 

Pro-Tip – With so many mower sizes and options available, and the potential size of the investment, we recommend talking with a lawn care sales associate to find the best model to fit your needs. 

5. Power Blower

Power blowers make quick work of not only cleaning leaves out in the fall but for a huge variety of other yard tasks.  Need to clean up the lawn clippings on the sidewalks or the mower after mowing?  Power Blower.  Need to clean up the floor of the garage? Power Blower.  Even in the winter, the power blower can make quick work of cleaning up the sidewalk or your vehicle after lighter snow falls. The possibilities are endless!

Pro-Tip – Some power blowers come with options, such as a vacuum with a bagger, making picking up leaves in the fall a breeze. 

6. Cultivator

Power cultivators have tines that rotate to loosen compacted soil, most often used in gardening. The benefit to your garden is that cultivating the soil allows for better penetration of important nutrients, air, and water. Cultivators are a handy tool in smaller gardens, loose soil, or around existing plants and shrubs. 

Pro-Tip – For larger gardens or hard and compacted soil, consider using a tiller. 

7. Tiller

Power tillers prepare medium to large gardens and/or compacted soil for gardening.  Just like cultivators, they prepare the soil for maximum nutrition, sunlight, and water penetration. 

Pro-Tip – There are front tine and rear tine tillers. Front tine tillers work best in softer soil and are pushed through your space. Rear tine tillers are best for big jobs, compacted soil and can be more easily adjusted for tine depth. 

8. Hedge Trimmer

Power hedge trimmers make quick work of keeping your landscaping nice and crisp. Hedge trimmers give you the ability to maneuver around the hedge in straight lines or nice rounded curves. The power of the trimmer allows for smooth and quick movements which in turn keeps your lines looking neat. There are a wide variety of options with hedge trimmers, so it is important to know what you’ll need before you shop.

          1. Take a look at your hedges/bushes and determine how thick are the pieces you’ll be needing to cut off?
          2. How high or wide will you need to be able to reach? How far away from a power source do you need to be? 
          3. Will a power cord potentially be an issue when trying to create the shape you’re ultimately trying to achieve? Once you have these answers you’ll be able to choose the right power hedge trimmer for you. 

Pro-Tip – Some things, like corndogs and chocolate-covered bananas, are just better on a stick. Consider a pole hedge trimmer for big jobs or for tall hedges. It will make your work considerably easier and safer using the right tool for the job. 

9. Chainsaw

Chainsaws are great for tree maintenance, harvesting firewood, and getting fallen trees cleaned up quickly. Gas models are typically heavier, but also deliver more power, while the electric or battery operated are lighter but not as powerful.   

Pro-Tip for beginners – Chainsaws can be controlled easier the lighter weight it is.  If you’ve never used a chainsaw, consider starting with a lighter weight or smaller model. 

Just like trimmers, a chainsaw on a stick (pole saw) does wonders for high-up limbs that need to be trimmed.  Pole saws come in a variety of sizes, features, and weights. 

10. Power Washer

Power washers are a great tool to keep your sidewalk, deck, home, pond, landscaping rock, and more clean and free of moss, debris, and general outdoor buildup. You’ll be surprised how versatile this tool is and how often you’ll use it. Like many of the tools on this list, there is a wide variety of sizes, portability, and power levels. Take an inventory if what you’ll need the power washer for before you shop. 

Pro-Tip – Save your siding!  Regardless of what type of home siding you have, start with a lower level of pressure to avoid chipping, paint flaking, or cracking the siding.  

There you have it, the top ten must-have power tools to make lawn and garden care a breeze, and to create a beautifully landscaped yard.  

Need help? There are a number of options available in power tools, and at Mimbach Fleet and Supply, we can help you make the best decision for your needs.  

Stop in and talk to our lawn and garden care associates for some great advice.  Don’t forget to pick up your personal safety supplies such as eye protection, gloves, and more!


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