Ritchie Industries Automatic Livestock Waterers

Whether you are looking for an automatic waterer for one horse, or for 500 cattle, Ritchie has a solution to fit your needs. At Mimbach Fleet and Supply we believe that our customers deserve the finest products with the best value, and we work hard to provide that for you. You may wonder what it is about the Ritchie Livestock Waterers that would lead us to heavily endorse their products, so we put together our top twelve reasons that we chose to partner with Ritchie Industries.

Top Twelve Reasons to Purchase a Ritchie Automatic Livestock Waterer

  1. Designed with the safety of your animals in mind – Keeping your livestock safe is always a top priority. All of Ritchie’s stainless-steel troughs have hemmed edges to make them smooth and blunt. The heavy-duty poly fountains offer smooth curved surfaces.
  2. Provides fresh water – The trough and valve combinations are sized to provide all the water your animal wants, but it limits the amount allowed to sit in the trough when it is not in use. This system keeps the water fresh and clean. Ritchie offers two sizes of high flow valves, depending on the size of the fountain’s trough. Different valves are available to accommodate different supply line pressures.
  3. Fully sealed polyethylene units – Ritchie waterers offer heavy–duty and impact resistant polyethylene fountains that are TOTALLY sealed, so moisture cannot get into the insulation. The heavy wall roto-molded one-piece construction uses UV inhibitors that help extend the life of the product. Additionally, the poly Ritchie uses is thicker poly than their competitors
  4. 304 stainless steel – Ritchie steel troughs use 304 stainless steel which is the ultimate in corrosion resistance and durability.
  5. Heavy-Duty but not heavy – Ritchie fountains, unlike the concrete unit offered by competition, they do not compromise how clean the water is, they do not pit, they are easy to clean, and it is economical to heat. The bonus is that two people can install a Ritchie fountain versus needing heavy equipment to install a concrete fountain. An even bigger bonus is that Ritchie fountains use 75% less energy than the concrete varieties.
  6. Smart valve systems – Ritchie’s unique water seal design eliminates the need for gaskets which can crack, tear and freeze. None of Ritchie’s competitors use this superior technology to keep frigid air away from the valve.
  7. Ritchie fountains are designed with energy efficiency in mind – They keep your fountain from freezing with minimal costs. To review current energy efficiencies offered visit 
  8. Grade A dairy recommendations – With the Ritchie line you can be assured that all their fountains meet Grade A dairy recommendations.
  9. Strongest warranty in the industry – Ritchie offers a 10-year limited warranty program on all its poly products; five years full followed by five years prorated. Steel products carry a ten year, 100% warranty on stainless troughs against manufacturing defects and corrosion; one year full and nine years prorated on casing and cover. None of Ritchie’s competitors, whether poly, concrete, or steel, offer a warranty that strong.
  10. Long life – Ritchie fountains pride in workmanship is one of the key elements that have kept the Ritchie brand strong. Ritchie fountains are known to last 30 years with reliable service. Once you find the right Ritchie fountain for your operation, you will understand why we have loyal and satisfied customers.
  11. Made in the USA – At Mimbach Fleet & Supply we know our customers love to support businesses right here in the USA. Ritchie Industries proudly manufactures their products in Iowa.
  12. Employee OwnedJust like us at Mimbach Fleet & Supply, Ritchie Industries is employee owned. We know first-hand the added investment in quality and service that being an employee-owned company offers to our customers, and we love to partner with that level of commitment.

Interested in learning more about how a Ritchie Automatic Livestock Waterer can work for you? Visit Mimbach Fleet & Supply and speak to one of our friendly associates and you will be on your way to safer drinking water for your livestock.


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