Zero Turn Mowers & Ride-on Mowers – Which is the right choice for you?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or ready to update your current mowing equipment there are a lot of variables to consider before buying a mower. In this article we’ll discuss the various pros and cons to consider before making the decision on the mower that is right for you.


Zero Turn Mowers


  • Faster mowing speed: Zero turn mowers can turn on a dime, which makes them faster than traditional riding mowers. Because zero turn mowers are faster and more maneuverable, they can reduce your mowing time significantly.
  • Depending on the size of the lot you’re mowing, the time savings can be substantial.
  • Better maneuverability: Zero turn mowers are clearly more maneuverable than traditional riding mowers, The added maneuverability makes it easier to mow around all types of obstacles and navigate those tricky and tight spaces.
  • More precise cutting: Zero turn mowers allow for more precise cutting around edges and corners. Your lawn would be the envy of all the neighbors.


  • Cost: Zero turn mowers generally cost more than traditional riding mowers. Don’t forget to consider the value of your time when considering the cost difference.
  • Less comfortable: Zero turn mowers suspension system is more rugged. Unfortunately, you’ll sacrifice a little comfort.
  • Can be more difficult to operate: Zero turn mowers require more skill to operate than traditional riding mowers since instead of the traditional steering wheel, you steer with a two lever push-pull system. Once you operate the mower a few times it becomes much easier.
  • No hills: Zero turn mowers cannot handle and are not designed to mow on steep inclines.

Riding mowers:


  • Affordable: Riding mowers are generally more affordable than zero turn mowers.
  • Comfortable: Riding mowers typically have more comfortable seats and suspension systems, which can make them more comfortable to ride.
  • Easy to drive: Riding mowers are easy to operate with their standard steering wheel making them suitable for beginners.
  • Yes hills: Riding mowers are designed to mow on hills and steep inclines and have no problem handling that type of terrain.


  • Slower mowing speed: Traditional riding mowers are slower than zero turn mowers, which can increase your mowing time.
  • Less maneuverable: Riding mowers are less maneuverable than zero turn mowers, making it more difficult to mow around obstacles and navigate tight spaces.
  • Less precise cutting: Riding mowers are less precise when cutting around edges and corners.
  • Require more maintenance: Riding mowers often will require more maintenance than the zero turn mowers.

Now that you know the pros and cons:

Shameless plug for both the best zero turn mower and riding mower (in our opinion) the Stihl. Infact, Stihl makes every type of mower you can think of, from push, to their smart mower, the IMOW (think Roomba vacuums, but for mowing your lawn!) to battery operated, Stihl has a solution for your lawn. The recent release of their zero turn mower brings the known quality of Stihls American made products to a whole new product that features greaseable aluminum mower deck spindles, MARBAIN hardened blades and rear shock absorbers that make our zero turn much more comfortable.

The Stihl Zero Turn Mower is available exclusively at Mimbach Fleet & Supply in the St. Cloud Greater Metro area. Come in and learn more about the zero turn mower as well as all the great tools available from Stihl at your favorite employee owned store, Mimbach Fleet & Supply.


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