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The lawn in front of the house is disturbed by pests and diseases causing damage to the green lawns.

When and How to Overseed Your Yard’s Thinning Lawn

It’s no secret that many Minnesota lawns aren’t looking their best this year, unless you have been one of the homeowners diligently watering your lawn or utilizing a sprinkler system this summer, you likely have a dry, brown yard–or at least patches of less-than-lush grass. The tough part is knowing how and when to seed […]
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Bowhunter drawing back his bow in front of a sunset.

Essential Bowhunting Supplies

Bowhunting season is almost here, and we know you’re anxious to get out in your stand. Before you do, however, make sure you’ve got all the essential bowhunting supplies to make this season a success. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or this is your first year participating in the sport, Mimbach Fleet has everything you […]
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Two dogs running at the beach.

Summer Pet Safety

Just as it’s important to practice proper summer safety ourselves, we need to do the same for our pets during the warmer months. Our pets rely on us for care, so it’s our job to know the best ways to protect them from the risks of summer, including high temperatures, dehydration, and drowning. Water and […]
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Tackle box full of lures and a fishing rod.

Essentials For Your Summer Fishing Tackle Box

A well-stocked tackle box is an essential part of any good summer fishing trip. The contents of your tackle box will differ depending on your personal preferences for tools, as well as the type of fish you’re aiming to catch. However, there are a few standard pieces of equipment every person should have in their […]
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Flat lay of paint color swatches.

The Top Timeless Paint Colors

If you want to update or upgrade a room in your home, there’s no easier, DIY-friendly way to do it than with a fresh coat of paint. There are plenty of resources to reference if you’re looking to follow the current trends, but who really wants to repaint every few years after the color you […]
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Jumper cable clamp connected to a dead car battery.

Signs Your Car Battery Is Dying

Over time and between the heat and vibrations it experiences, your car’s battery will wear down and eventually die. Without your battery, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere. There are multiple factors that determine how long your car’s battery lasts. Depending on where you live, your battery might last an average of four years—less in a […]
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A lawn with several dead patches due to disease.

Common Spring Lawn Diseases

With the changing temperatures, fickle weather, and rapid growth of spring and early summer, conditions are ideal for mold, fungus, and disease to take root in your lawn. Many of these issues are easier to treat the earlier you can spot them. Familiarize yourself with the signs of these common Minnesota lawn diseases, so you […]
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A man power edging his lawn.

Edging Your Lawn

Edging your lawn is a cheap, easy, and quick way to boost your curb appeal by giving your sidewalks, driveway, and flower beds a clean, neat edge. Especially if the rest of your lawn is well-maintained and manicured, there’s no better way to take it to the next level. Lawn edging is a DIY project […]
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longhorn beef cattle stares through livestock fencing

Choosing Fencing for Your Livestock

For any farm, fencing is necessary to protect and contain your livestock. Depending on the kind of livestock you plan to raise, you’ll need to examine different fencing options to determine the best choice for your animals. In this article, we’ll examine the best fencing options for three of the most common types of livestock […]
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bird's eye view of man working on his backyard lawn

Your Spring Lawn Care Checklist

It’s spring in Minnesota, and we can’t say for certain whether that means we’re no longer at risk for another snowstorm. However, it’s a good time to, at the very least, start planning the tasks you’ll need to tackle for your spring lawn maintenance. We’ve got the checklist of everything you need to do to […]
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