Livestock and Feed

When it comes to caring for your animals – large or small, pet or livestock – we carry a variety of food, feeders, and supplies to make sure your animals are well cared for.

Chicken with head in feed bucket surrounded by other chickens

Mimbach Fleet’s Livestock and Feed

When it comes to feeding your animals – large or small – we carry a variety of food and supplies to make sure your animals are well cared for. Whether you’re looking for feed for livestock or kibble for the family pet, Mimbach Fleet has got you covered.

Livestock Feed

Looking for high-quality feed, equipment, or supplies for your livestock? Visit Mimbach Fleet to source your livestock feeders and feed. Whether your animals are dairy, beef, swine, sheep, equine, goat, or poultry, we have it available. Our staff takes pride in providing Central Minnesota with the highest quality feed for your farmyard livestock. More than just feed, you’ll find heaters, feeding troughs, water tanks, and more to care for your livestock. We carry a variety of brands in-store, so you’re bound to find exactly what your farm animals need.

Pet Food and Supplies

We’re not just for large animals. We carry supplies for pets as well, including dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. Our pet food & supplies department carries food, treats, pet toys, and more from top brands such as Purina, Blue Buffalo, Kaytee, Greenies, Victor, Diamond, Nutrisource, and Taste Of The Wild.

When it comes time to feed your furry or feathery friends, visit Mimbach Fleet and pick up everything you need. Stop by our Sauk Rapids location, or give us a call at (320) 252-1682. Our staff is always happy to give advice, order products, or help in any way we can! You may also shop Ace Hardware via the top cart link to the right, and pick up your online order in-store!

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